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Geschrieben von Liddll am 10.10.2006 um 15:09:

  Bouquet Wizard v2.5.3 (En/De/Pl)

Link zum xDB Eintrag: Bouquet Wizard v2.5.3 (En/De/Pl)

Bouquet Wizard v2.5.3 (changes from v2.5.2)
FIX: KingOfSat parser update due to webpage
layout changes (again)
NEW: Move/Copy choice in function
"Move To Other Bouquet"

Bouquet Wizard v2.5.2 (changes from v2.5.1)
FIX: KingOfSat download
NEW: Support of KingOfSat radio pages

Bouquet Wizard v2.5.1 (changes from v2.5)
FIX: Lowercase generation of the XML files
was still not working in some cases

Bouquet Wizard v2.5 (changes from v2.4)
NEW: Support for Enigma2 settings (experimental)
FIX: Adding comments to bouquets.xml
CHG: XML files are now generated lowercase
FIX: Alphabetical sorting within a bouquet
did not work in rare cases
FIX: Enigma importer (provider & flag handling)
NEW: Pasting an export comment from clipboard
by using the mouse
CHG: Minor logo mapper improvements

Bouquet Wizard v2.4 (changes from v2.3)
NEW: Web Import
FIX: Some of the exported Enigma bouquets were
duplicated or/and missing in rare cases
FIX: Bouquet highlighting
FIX: Settings reload for Enigma boxes
CHG: NextGrid component updated to v3.6
NEW: Button to reload settings manually (on the box)
CHG: Improved conversion of Neutrino MyServices
to Enigma
FIX: MyServices import raised an exception
in rare cases
NEW: Enigma export option to generate FEC parameters
using the old FEC format. Recommended for Neutrino
to Enigma conversions.

Bouquet Wizard v2.3 (changes from v2.2.1)
NEW: Direct box import/export for Enigma
NEW: Toolbar and tab icons refurbished
NEW: Optional inclusion of Neutrino MyServices
for Enigma exports
NEW: KingOfSat/LyngSat services: Additional buttons
to load services from any local folder
NEW: CTRL+A support to select all services/bouquets
NEW: Saves the window state on exit
NEW: Box HTTP account configurable
NEW: Backup Manager supports wildcards
CHG: Enhanced directory dialog for Enigma exports
(allows directory creation)
CHG: Merge bouquets: enhancement so that any
target bouquet may be selected
CHG: Incremental columns start with 1 instead of 0
CHG: NextGrid component updated to v3.5.1
FIX: Enigma bouquets were exported even if only
services were selected
FIX: Provider info was not transferred to the
service list (KingOfSat/LyngSat Transfer)
FIX: Sorting algorithm was case sensitive
NEW: Optional column 'New / Changed'
FIX: HTTP calls to an Enigma box
CHG: Minor logo mapper improvements

Bouquet Wizard v2.2.1 (changes from v2.2)
FIX: LyngSat-Import failed for HotBird-2 13°E
FIX: Generated Enigma bouquet names were not compliant
FIX: Wrong default Enigma bouquet export type

Bouquet Wizard v2.2 (changes from v2.1)
NEW: Experimental support of Enigma bouquets
NEW: New & changed services are highlighted after import
NEW: Support of 1 > unlimited boxes via box profiles
NEW: Bouquet type column in bouquet list
NEW: Import News - Function to save a report
NEW: Introduced new Neutrino bouquet type 8
NEW: Introduced new Neutrino service type 10
FIX: KingOfSat - empty service list at some satellites
FIX: Print Manager
FIX: Services could not be added to bouquet in rare cases
FIX: Moving a service from a bouquet to another bouquet
CHG: Improved namespace handling for Enigma services
CHG: NextGrid component updated to v3.4
CHG: Minor logo mapper improvements

Bouquet Wizard v2.1 (changes from v2.0)
NEW: Added LyngSat-Import
NEW: Optional "SatPos" column (Services, MyServices)
NEW: Optional "Provider" column (Services)
NEW: Introduced Neutrino service types 9 & 10
NEW: Introduced Neutrino bouquet type 6
FIX: Neutrino exporter memory leak
CHG: Pol display H, V, L, R instead of 0, 1, 2, 3
CHG: Logo mapping does no longer block application close
CHG: NextGrid component updated to v3.3.4
FIX: Show/Hide bouquet column (Services)
FIX: Show/Hide DiSEqC column (Services)
FIX: An exception error that happened in rare cases
FIX: Displayed amount of total services was sometimes 0
NEW: Function to delete a complete transponder
NEW: Function to delete a complete satellite
NEW: Experimental support of Enigma services
Import/Export from/to local harddisc
Sorry, no bouquet import/export yet!
FIX: Lots of minor bugs fixed

Bouquet Wizard v2.0 (changes from v1.3.1)
* Completely new application
* Improved usability
* Faster loading of XML files
* Support of MyServices.xml
* KingOfSat-Import
* Supports more XML types (also cable!)
* New XML optimize functions
* Improved filter functionality
* Increased logo mapper hitrate
* Background threaded logo mapping
* Logo size adjustable
* Show/hide columns
* and much more!

Geschrieben von Tomschre am 17.05.2009 um 20:59:

Achtung RE: Bouquet Wizard v2.5.3 (En/De/Pl)

Hallo, ich bin der Neue und hab gleich mal ein Problem. verwirrt Ich suche sowas wie´nen Bouquet Maneger für meine db 800. kann ich den wizard hier verwenden? hat jemand damit schon erfahrungen gemacht?

DANKE für Eure Hilfe!! smile


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